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  • Research Activities

    Signal Processing over Smartphone platforms

    Speaker Count and Speaker Verification - Audio Information Retrieval
    Activity Recognition - Indoor Wireless Positioning and Place Recognition

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  • Research Activities

    Telecommunication over heterogeneous networks

    Application Layer Joint Coding
    Vertical Handover over Mobile Networks

The Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (DSP Lab) main scientific activities concern mobile signal processing and communications over mobile smart devices. The rationale under the research developed in the DSP Lab relies to the idea of extracting high-level information from the raw heterogenous signals acquired by the different smartphones' (or more in general smart-objects') sensors (i.e., dual-microphones, accelerometer, antennas, cameras, GPS, compass, gyroscope, ambient light), carried by users, in order to understand the context in which they are. The strength of the DSP Lab lies in the combination of industrially relevant research, fundamental sciences and teaching.

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